Sea Urchin (Uni)


Santa Barbara sea urchin (uni) is highly sought after worldwide. Considered by many to be better than Hokkaido. Even Japan imports a lot of uni from Santa Barbara. Due to extremely high demands and low supply, it has become increasingly challenging to source Santa Barbara Uni. Santa Barbara Uni has an extremely sweet flavor with large tongues and bright yellow/orange colors. As stated above, there is never enough supply of Santa Barbara Uni, so when we have it in stock, go get it while supplies last!


Fresh green sea urchins (uni) from Maine. Most affordable and delicious uni available in the market! Perfect for your nigiri, uni bowls, or uni pastes.


Some of the best uni is known to come from Japan and processed by uni processors mostly in Hokkaido, Japan. Every uni processor has their own "secret" way of processing uni to maintain its sweetness and keeping the uni intact so it doesn't melt in transit.


Origin from Rishiri Island in Hokkaido. Compared to lined up uni, this uni is processed with less chemicals. It gives a more natural taste. Bitterness in uni typically comes due to issues when the uni is in transit from Japan to the US. Since uni is extremely fragile, sudden shake or the box it is packaged in falls, it can taint the quality. You taste the "myoban" or alum that is used to process the uni to keep it intact.

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