Eric Ripert_Le Bernardin

eric ripert - le bernardin - New York, new york - 3 michelin stars

“For years, Yama Seafood has been a very reliable resource for Le Bernardin, providing us with great service and superior seafood.” 

Sion uino - Sushi amane - New York, new york - 1 michelin star

“Yama Seafood is not only able to source the exact fish I am looking for, but they are also able to handle each fish delicately and professionally.”


makoto okuwa - makoto - miami, fl

“I have been working with Yama Seafood for almost 19 years. I’d like to say they are one of the highest standard fish company across the country. Quality of products is one thing, their hospitality is always something to look up to. The customer service is absolutely world class.”